2 chefs for 1 menu in manhattan

2 Restaurants and 6400 km of distance for an excellent dinner.

La Forge meet the Lamb Club in Manhattan

December the 16th 2019

Chef Paolo Amadori and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian hand in hand, they reinterpret with brio the regional flavors.
United States, Italy and France, a combine of 3 cooking philosophies for a Four Course Dinner.

2 Chefs, 2 Cities, 2 stories, 2 souls, 4 Hands for 1 Menu.

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The official menù


Ricotta, Walnut, Honey, Micro Mint Crostini

The Lambs Club

Duck Confit Rillette, Amarane Cherries

The Lambs Club


The Lambs Club

Parmigiano Reggiano Velouté and Black Winter Truffle

La Forge

Confit Tomatoes and Creamy Burrata

La Forge

Prawns Tail filled with Black Truffle, Pear and Ginger Compote

La Forge

First course

Poached Crispy Egg on a Parmigiano Reggiano Fondue and Fresh Alba White Truffle

La Forge

Second Course

Pan Roasted Lobster over a Citrus and Rosemery scented Risotto

La Forge

Third Course

Venison Loin, Roasted Chestnuts, Root Vegetable Purée, Juniper Jus

The Lambs Club


Chocolate Mousse with Seasonal Fruit, Vanilla Sponge and Zabaglione

The Lambs Club & La Forge

America, Italy and France combine 3 culinary philosophies to celebrate the unforgettable 4-course international meeting.