The secret of success


Paolo Amadori cannot stand constrictions and believes that people must be able to respond to their vocation. So it was for him. Paolo works hard, but cannot tolerate a chef dying of cooking. There are affections, journeys, art, the air to breathe. Everything leaves a positive mark in the work.

Experience and instruction


As a teenager, the choice of an education at the hotel management college has been supported by the testimony of some students already attending this college: “You study just a little and at 11 a.m. they serve pizza for everyone!”. Once he finished college, the driving license is the reason for his arrival in Cartoceto, at the Restaurant “Symposium 4 stagioni”, being employed by Lucio Pompili (freshly Michelin nominated). Making bread and plucking game is the beginning. Chef Pompili knows that Paolo speaks three languages very well and he encourages him to new experiences abroad … from there, he spends 6 years in New York, then Australia, London, Montecarlo. In close cooperation with Gualtiero Marchesi he teaches at ALMA (International School of Italian Cuisine), then meets Francesca Alessi and he starts dreaming again of cooking, adrenalin and the poetry of living between pots and stoves. This is the beginning of the project of a gourmet village at Ramatuelle (Saint Tropez) which currently includes the La Forge Restaurant and the La Forge Atelier (laboratory of enogastronomic culture, tastings, aperitifs, serving and selling of premium products). Parallel to this he is representing as Ambassador in France both the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and the Parma ham.