A motto for a concept

being able to draw italy out of the world’s drapes

“Being able to draw Italy out of the world’s drapes” is Paolo Amadori’s motto. You do not have to sell or sell of Italy, you do not have to use Italy for excessive elaboration. The experience you gain when working abroad is priceless, it’s all about collecting stories to tell, it’s getting lost and then finally finding oneself again.

Italy is served

using local resources to INTERPRETE Italian TRADItION

The love Paolo feels for the cuisine of authentic Italian tradition comes from this melting pot of first-hand experiences. But, in a certain sense, Paul’s poetry is classical, nostalgic (in the most Homeric sense of the word): the journey is such only if there is a return after a departure. Italian cuisine in the world is the ability to correctly exercise its “Italianness”, a principle that transcends from a typical ingredient. Italy has to be pulled out of the ingredients of other origins (a tomato is not Italian, but Italy has made it fundamental in its cooking). Being an Italian chef in France, for Paolo Amadori means using local products in an “Italian way”. Not only that: it means “having inside the tradition of one’s culture “, avoiding “showing it off” at all costs.

Italian Cuisine

inheritance and research

In Paolo’s style, when it comes to Italian cuisine, when it is practiced and promoted in the world, it is necessary to maintain a balance between inheritance and research (modernization, updating, influences, transformation), and it’s important to find harmony and prudence in doing what you can do, what should be done and what you attempt doing.