Procurement is management

essential COMPONENTS of PAOLO AMADORI’s cuisine

In the United States, Chef Paolo Amadori, has been trained in the culture of management applied to the hospitality sector. Forms and dimensions are important for Paolo, management is an essential component of his kitchen: when shopping, it is necessary following a method: to activate all the senses, to have intuition, culture and circumspection. The staff working with Paolo in the kitchen, love going  shopping with him, as this is an enriching experience, not only he meticulously selects each ingredient, but Paolo interprets, comments and describes each of his choices and everything he finds.

Economize in the kitchen

using all components is the result of a common sense

A good management in the kitchen, combined with the teachings and the habits of our ancestors, helps promoting responsible behavior, made of useful secrets, sustainability, common sense and respect. Paolo does not throw away anything, any “waste” of any food (animal or vegetable) allows creating something fundamental or contributing with an important detail.