Unique and non-unique ingredients

There are unique INGREDIENTs but a 100% ITALIAN cuisine can interprete more than this

There is a widespread idea – perhaps influenced by the movies – that makes us believe that to make Italian Cuisine abroad you have to bring your own vegetable garden along, these convictions do not reflect what happens in the hands and on the table of the Chef Paolo Amadori. Paolo is convinced that there are unique and non-reproducible ingredients, and he is the first to be their spokesman (e.g. Parma hand and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese), but this is not the framework of what can or cannot be called Italian food.

Interpreting is better than importing

There is no need to export italian products for creating a good italian cuisine abroad

Italy has the great capacity of adaptation, recognized all over the world, and this aspect also concerns raw materials. You can make 100% Italian Cuisine in France, without lugging suitcases with cabbage and zucchini. You can cook in a perfect Italian style with local ingredients that have nothing to envy to the native ones. The skill that really makes the difference lies in the interpretation: knowing what, how and when everything to be found everywhere can be transformed.